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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 10, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> we did have some brief snow showers out there through a good chunk of the afternoon. just enough to put a coating on the roads and make things a little slick to drive. we could see icy spots tonight. ' captured our weather bug camera in laurel. you can see the snow hitting the camera. there's a dusting on the field down there. we take you into gwen oak watch as the snow showers come in here briefly coat the ground. we've got low 30s out to the west right now. there is going to be refreezing in areas, or even just where the road's a little wet to get some ice out there watch out for that. the snow cleared out pretty rapidly today. with the temperatures dropping steadily overnight there will be icy spots. watch out as we go into the day tone, some sunshine. in fact the mildest day we've had all week by far. another storm means rain and also the potential for another
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wintry mix. we'll have all those details coming up rosie. a warning tonight as we cope with bitter cold temperatures out there. three people have died from hypothermia related illnesses since october. if you have to spend any time outside you need to be aware of the signs. uncontrollable shivering cold pale skin numbness slurred speech bluish and puffy skin. the maryland department of health and mental hygiene are asking you to check on any neighbors that may be in danger. dozens of children and teachers were rushed to the hospital after what they are calling carbon monoxide poisoning. lamont williams picks up the store from there. >> reporter: baltimore city fire units were called to the pleasant view garden daycare center in the 1100 block of east fayette street not for a fire but something just as
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deadly a possible carbon monoxide leak. >> once the fire department units arrived on the scene they were met by the 36 students 12 teach terms. they determined levels to be 68 to 70 parts per million. >> reporter: a manager heard the detectors activate and called. parents have been called children are being tested the building is being evacuated as well as having a maintenance man to come out and find out where the carbon monoxide came from. as the weather gets colder we begin to turn on our feeding system fire officials want us to keep in mind a working smoke detector may not be enough but one that provides protection of carbon monoxide detection as well. >> no home should be without
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one. oftentimes people don't have their heating appliances serviced than an annual basis. over years they become faulty emit carbon monoxide. you move about your normal day not realizing your breathing in carbon m. >> they checked them all out said everybody is fine they are good to go. >> reporter: i'm lamont williams abc2 news. a mutilated body was found in a boston suburb last month. prosecutor says it's likely 16- year-old davonte tins dale fell from the sky after stowing away in a airplane wheel well. today outside of boston investigators found sneakers and a shirt matching the clothing that he had worn. attempted murder that's just one of the charges filed against a taneytown man that allegedly shot at police. jose acevedo is charged with assault reckless endangerment
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and possession of drug paraphernalia. police responded to shots fired on the 400 block of red tulip court. they heard a shotgun and heard a blast. a bullet remnant hit him in the knit cap. he continued firing the shotgun yelling come and get me and they did. >> multiple shots being fired the officers fell back to an area of safety, called for back up. state troopers responded as did sheriff's deputies and officers from the westminster police department. >> i heard a bunch of gunshots at least 15 or 20. it was really loud. my son was scared in the house he was crying. >> now, the police came in -- >> reporter: acevedo is being held at the carroll county detention center. a lawyer for baltimore county doctor accused of performing unnecessary heart surgeries is trying to fight back before his client goes to court. attorney stephen snyder is calling the frenzy around the case mark ma day a witch hunt.
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he is heading to cort face charges he put heart stents in dozens of patient who didn't necessarily need them. senate report claims the doctor got paid thousands in fees about by the company who paid for those stents. >> a crab feast and a picnic is hardly a perk or a fraud. and it's hardly a motivator for dr. in day to excessively stent patients. >> hundreds of patients have filed lawsuits. those claims came as a result by a letter sent out by st. joe's in an effort to protect their reputation. top prosecutor is cautioning parents this holiday season to act the part when it comes to parties and under aged drinking. jeff hager sat down with joseph today a prosecutor. >> reporter: it's all quiet
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here now but when a harford county sheriff's deputy arrived at this house on pleasantville rode a few weeks ago he spotted teenagers openly drinking on the lawn and smelled marijuana. the owner told police he was having a party for his 17-year- old son. >> how do we get people's attention if we don't drag them into court and pursue criminal charges? >> reporter: harford county estate attorney says prosecutors are still reviewing the facts of the case a party which drew a hundred or more kids and more than 50 cars to the home. the parents are doing their kids a service hosting a party that involves alcohol or drugs because they think they can control it and ensure they will be safe. he says they are wrong. >> i don't see how you are controlling it when kids -- 20 years ago a lot of kids didn't have their own cars. nowadays you've got kids that have got their own cars that are showing up, and they have
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still got their car keys in their pockets. and when they leave this place, even if they appear to be sober, you have no idea how much they have had to drink. >> reporter: according to court documents the teens mother marcy sherry refused to open her door to police for ten minutes. officers saw her through the window helping teens quote cleaning up the beer cans liquor bottles and bags placing them in closets and under the kitchen sink. baltimore county school ailed stairs confirm she's an instruct or in parksville. her husband works for peter angelos law firm. his status as a high powered lawyer will have no bearing on the case. >> anybody that knows me and knows them there's no issue here. i mean, i think if you're concerned about the kids and
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the message to the kids out there of respect for the law and obeying the law you would approach this case like any other case. >> reporter: in harford county jeff hager abc2 news. police arrested the parents and they later posted bond after they were processed at the harford county detention center. well, some of the businesses on the block will be open again tonight after monday's huge fire. but figuring out the cause could still take several days. atf is sitting through wednesday other investigators to see what they are dealing with. investigators have charred remains to dig through to find out what sparked the five alarm fire. a student who jumped from a moving bus in baltimore counties is suffering from brain damage after the fall. a source tells us that the special needs child is on life support. baltimore county police say he jumped off the bus pots spring and guard wood road after
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fighting with another student. a. j. wright the store known for its low price home bargains and nick knacks will be closed in two months. sources close to the deal say the 71 stores will be converted to t. j. maxx marshals and home goods. the cafe', the set, the bar if you're in baltimore the word hon perceived those popular events and place he if you use that word in front of some folks might cost you some cash. people living with asthma it could be the difference between healthy lungs and a medical emergency. . definitely a chill in the air out there today rosie. 35. thanks to the crowds and brief snow showers did not get up to 40 we thought we might get to. there is warmer air and it gets in here tomorrow. we'll talk about that and big
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changes for sunday straight ahead.
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check out you. one rior operations due to the . baltimore's own term of indoorment the word hon. be careful who you use it in front of. if it's in front of denise whiteing you may have to pay. these three little words are trademarks. she owns the cafe hon in hamden she wants the protect the saying she used 20 years ago. it makes perfect sense for her to protect her brand. not everyone shares this
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sentiment. >> well, shame on denise whiting. i think it's once again a very innocent thing i don't know why anybody would need a trademark or stamp to use a word like that. i don't get it quite frankly. >> the mta wanted to use it in a campaign ad and whiting didn't charge them a penny. federal hill expect to see lots of foot traffic you can shop late for great holiday discounts. the events kicks off at 8:00 they will stay open until midnight. you'll be able to save a lot of money but get free gift wrapping and many stories will offer foods and other drinks. carolers will be around to add to the festive atmosphere. if you're going to federal hill being festive bundle up it's going to be chilly. >> chilly night rosie. we will have a lot of wind. the biggest concern tonight and
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probably the next two nights saturday late and sunday late into monday morning icy conditions out there on some of the roads. >> little freezing. >> refreeze tonight. rain late tomorrow night could be a little icy sunday. monday morning that could be wintry out there. we'll have all that information for you monday morning too. >> absolutely. won't he going to be tracking it all weekend. let's look what we're seeing right now in the wake of snow showers. not a lot going on at the moment. no winds that's good. 35 that's cold. on the whole just a quiet after, what was not really a storm, but a storm passing to our north that ended up putting down a couple of snow showers. mount airy today i want to show you this time lapse through time. this is our weather bug camera in mount airy. solid little snow shower and coating on all the rooftops and some of the brush out that way. want to take you into towson.
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watch those snow showers come in heavy and steady briefly. but it did make things a little slight dicey getting around in the northern part of the condition. laurel some snow here early on today. temperatures very important to track where we're below freezes. reisterstown manchester el could it city and even spots like dundalk and down through arnold, it's 35, but the ground temp is often 2, 3, 4 degrees colder than the air term after a cold day like this. icy conditions possible that way. maryland's most powerful radar clear. but again on the whole temperatures just could not get out of the mid 30s today thanks to the virginia shot of cloud cover and brief snow showers that was a little bit unexpected. that did hold down the temperatures. wind nice and quiet snow out of here and neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow 44 still glen burnie, and i think we'll
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make low 40s in reisterstown tomorrow. mixture sun and clouds further north probably talking about 40 or powell'sville. skies clearing off. snow quickly pushing offshore. we got thin clouds in behind. other than maybe a stray brief snow flurry nothing else tonight. but interesting set up going on. the cold air held tough today. warmer air has moved into charlotte hatteras charlotte carolinas. we should make at least the low 40s out of that with brief sunshine mixing in. man you feel like this could be the turn we would be waiting for it's going to be short lived cold air replaced by mild air briefly tomorrow but then this approaching storm centered out of northern missouri right now it's beginning to develop. but as it intensifies over the next day or so and moves east. we expect it to bring in some
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significant rains on sunday and very likely some brief wintry weather sunday night into monday morning. take a look at this. as we go through the day tomorrow sun around clouding up late. good looking saturday warmest day we've had in a long time low '40s. rain comes up the coast and this energy picks up or gets pulled into this major storm system that developed saturday afternoon. that comes in sunday. heavy rain, cold miserable day i think on sunday. although not -- it's still 40 and rainy not going to be nice. the backside of this thing this is snow coming down, michigan, indiana, kentucky. we'll get the back edge of this thing late sunday night into monday morning and even areas that got cold rain could see icing on those roads late sunday night into monday morning. watch out sunday morning or monday morning commuters things could be a little icy out there. we'll track it for you we'll have the latest on sunday night. overnight 24. partial clearing. tomorrow two degree guarantee we'll go 44. we are going to get one day in
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the 40s. but it's going to be rosie you're excited about that. sun and clouds a decent day but not a sign of things to come at all. saturday night late we look for rain to move in after clouds increase. late saturday night rain mix with some sleet. rainy day sunday and into monday we're talking about possibly some brief snow flurries in the morning as yet another cold blast rolls into maryland. i mean just barely above freezing in at all monday. cold blustery conditions tuesday, wednesday. it really looks like a repeat of what we had earlier this week. >> yuk. thanks, wyatt. here's what we're working on tonight. maryland was hit with a blast of weather. that may not be the end of it. what you can expect as temperatures continue to fall.
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baltimore ravens will be in the middle of a police investigation more on that player and possible narcotics. tonight at 7:00 a prestigious award will be handed down to the best senior college quarterback in the nation. it will be given to wisconsin quarterback scott poll sin. he threw for 16 touchdowns and 2300 yards. the winner of the golden arm award is recognized not only for his athletic accomplishments but cashing character scholastic achievement. previous winners peyton and eli manning. as the weather turns cold people with asthma are more likely to have flare-ups. >> reporter: d. j. lee is a typical 7-year-old. he likes to runny likes to play but. >> if i run too long my chest starts to hurt. >> reporter: you see, d. j. has has ma. he developed it as a baby. his mother dana says at first it was hard to figure out what
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was wrong with him. >> we just thought he has a cold and we didn't realize the severity of what was going on. >> reporter: turns out that mold and dust often trigger d. j.'s asthma. as pediatrician says winter brings additional challenges. cold air can exacerbate the condition as can getting sick. >> there are a lot of children who have more problems in the fall and winter, probably due to the fact there are more combed more viral illnesses. >> reporter: these triggers can cause the airways in the lungs to become inflamed and swollen sometimes making it difficult to breathe. but the key for d. j. and many other children with asthma is using preventive medicine such as a prescription steroid inhaler. >> that breaks down all the inflammation and keeps the lungs more like a child without asthma. >> reporter: that allows more running and more playing no matter the season. for today's health minute, i'm dr. sanjay gupta. >> with the chill in the air
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laughter of children it's feeling like christmas. make the season brighter for a child in need. we're asking for new unwrapped and unopened toys for our 12th annual kin der time toy drive. there is a complete list of drop off locations on our web site at click on the kin der time link under the marketplace tab. check out the drive home. here's a live look at i-83 and you do not want to be caught in that. it's a mess. wyatt will have a quick wrap of the weather coming up.
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. commodities finished lower across the board today. the stocks managed to close up today the dow gained 40 the nasdaq up 20 and s & p 500 is up about 7. >> take it easy tonight walking our driving out there. >> we could see icy spots tonight rows rosie. >> many spots at or below
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freezing woodbine cockeysville. aberdeen. drive with a little extra care but 40s tomorrow that will be nicer. >> that's it for abc2 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 11:00. .+++
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